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July 15, 2019
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Super Cart - Spray Systems
by Vac Systems
The cost to clean and coat HVAC system ductwork is typical 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of replacing the ductwork so it represents a real money saving option for building owners.  Applying coating and sanitizer in HVAC systems is a great opportunity to better ...
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F&J - Model DF8400 - Digital Flow Meter High Volume Air Sampler
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Codel International Ltd - Model 1010. Cross Duct-CO Analyser

The Model 1010 is a single channel cross-duct analyser for the measurement of CO. It uses an infrared transmitter to project a beam of light across the duct to a receiver mounted opposite. The light beam is tuned to a specific wavelength where the CO molecules absorb the light energy but there is no interference from water vapour and other gases. Gas filter correlation (GFC) is used to isolate the interference of dust particulates and by using high efficiency air purges the optical surfaces are protected from contamination. The instrument was the first gas analyser to be designed by CODEL and was initially launched in 1982. 

DACS - Model HE740 - Exhaust Unit for Pig and Poultry Houses
The HE740 exhaust unit for poultry and pig houses is the most efficient roof mounted exhaust unit available. The exhaust unit is equipped with a highly efficient fan motor that ensures high air exchange rates at very low energy consumption. In a direct ...
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Cerex - Model UV MiniHound Series - Portable Multi-Gas Analyzer
by Cerex Monitoring Solutions, LLC.
The Cerex MiniHound series point gas detectors are portable multi-gas analyzers developed to detect part-per-billion (ppb) to percent level concentrations of multiple gases within a mixture. The MiniHound produces laboratory quality results in real-time ...
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